Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Analysis: The football in the protests

As a host for next year’s World Cup, Brazil has been building the stadiums and infrastructure necessary for the event. While football is a big passion in the country and citizens are proud to host such event, there is a general concern that the government is spending too much money and effort in its preparation, and citizens fear that hosting the World Cup will not bring any direct benefits to the country.

Many view FIFA’s relation with the government as troublesome and the resignation of theformer president of the Brazilian Football Confederation in 2012 is still on people's mind, contributing to a growing distrust of football moguls.

As the main test for the World Cup, the Confederations Cup is viewed as an ideal occasion for protesters to be taken seriously as the stakes for politicians of different levels (ie. federal government, States and host cities administrations) are very high. While FIFA is not the main target, the lack of tact of its leaders has upset more than one.

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